Are you presenting your personal image successfully? Your image matters, more than you think!

Personal image is the key to your success!

Conveying your image successfully is the key to your personal success. Above all, your first impression makes a big impact to your business. From corporate branding point of view, executive's or employee's impression plays an important part in how your customer perceive your company. Their Image and impression do actually affect customer's business decisions. Furthermore, what is important is to strategically maintain and manage the image you are presenting.

SIstudio® will support you in presenting your ideal image, or how you want to be, from the following three aspects: appearance, behavior, and communication. We are happy to support you for your success through strategic management of your personal image.


Recommended for:

  • Executives of domestic and global corporations
  • Those who assumed a leader position within a company
  • Those who need to convey and maintain a strong consistent image
  • Those who are engaged with customers very often, such as sales person
  • Those who want to attain a certain goal, or to enhance your personal image

We also create programs for corporations who wish to organize personal image seminars for their employees as one of the training programs.

Programs for Individuals:

  • Basic personal consulting (including personal color analysis)
  • Executive image consulting
  • Strategic image management (consultation to manage your image)
  • Other individual programs, such as wardrobe management, makeup advice, portrait photo shooting, shopping advice, presentation advice, etc. according to your needs.

Programs for Corporations:

  • Personal Image Training (Seminars)
    Program arranged for management training, middle-class management training, leadership training, etc. Based on your company needs and goal, we will create a customized program for your company. Depending on the number of attendants and time, it is possible to include basic color analysis.
    Work experiences:
    Personal image training program for human resource management department of a major banking institution
    Strategic personal image training for new general managers of the branches of regional banks organized by Regional Banks Association
    Personal image program for manufacturing company's leadership training program
  • Retainer Program
    Annual consulting retainer program for corporation's various needs, such as executive consulting, staff training, corporate image consulting, etc.
    SIstudio will support your company as a partner.

Consulting menu is organized based on customer's needs or goal. Please contact the following for details or inquiries:

SIstudio Image Consultant
Satoko Iijima, AICI CIC
(AICI Certified Image Consultant)

Prior to Global-Prime, Satoko Iijima has been working for a business companies and web consulting companies. Basically engaged in marketing and brand consulting, as well as supporting companies by assuming project management roles.
While working with corporations, Iijima eyed on employees who are the key to the success of a company and its branding. Thus, a service to support both companies and individuals through image consulting was developed under the name of SIstudio® as one of offerings of Global-Prime.

Leveraging the experience at abroad, Iijima wishes to support individuals who wants to change and those who would be engaged in a global business, and lastly, wishes that they will have a great smile on their faces.

Satoko Iijima

SIstudio®'s "SI" is stands for strategic image management by Satoko Iijima.

Company Profile:

Company Name Global-Prime
Office BIZ SMART Aoyama, 2-12-8 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0061

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